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Facebook: When you use a profile as Like Page

In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook with the intention that we could connect and share what mattered to us with our friends and family. Facebook’s initial purpose was not for us to use our personal profiles for any purpose other than personal. A common practice is to use Facebook profiles for other purposes. Here are some:

Business Accounts

To open Facebook profiles to manage Facebook for X business. The practice is incorrect and unnecessary. Profile accounts are to be used by individuals, that is, for personal use, not for use for business accounts.

Facebook Like Page

It is also common to search for X business and find both, a profile and a Like Page. Business Profiles should be created on a Like Page. Having both, can only confuse your potential client. For Facebook, this is spam and could cause account closure because a profile is being used for commercial use.

A Like Page can be created from any personal profile without opening a profile under the name of the business and then opening a Like Page. What gives you control over a Like Page is the role assigned to X person for handling the account, not from having a profile opened in order to manage the business-Like Page.

Personal profile to promote business

Another common practice is to use a personal profile, where we connect with friends and family, for commercial use. In the same way that using a profile for a business is wrong, using a personal profile to promote your business is also wrong, even if it is your personal account.

Facebook Like Page

Facebook’s personal accounts are not meant to be used as an ad bulletin where we promote our businesses or what we do in our business.

That is, we can share some of our Like Page publications to our personal profile occasionally, but doing it constantly for a commercial purpose can also cause its closure by the social network.

Again, the profiles were not created by Facebook for that purpose, therefore, its algorithm is constantly monitoring the proper use of the network.

Like Pages

On the other hand, the rationale of Like Pages is, precisely, for you to pay to advertise your business. Remember that Facebook is a business. If someone comes into your store to advertise their business, how would you feel? Wouldn’t you charge for their announcement? After all, that’s a business purpose, right?

This social network considers that you should pay for advertising and that your personal profile is not for that and boom! One day, out of the blue, Facebook decides to close your account.

Facebook Like Page

Facebook made changes to its usage policies due to the misuse of the profiles. If you have never read Facebook policies, I recommend that you do so. The development of your business on this network (or any social network) must be ethical and responsible, that speaks of the image of your brand.

Make good use of them and think how you want the image of your brand to be interpreted? Confused or transparent? Not only for your potential customer or partner, but for Facebook.

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